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The Haiku

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==[[The Haiku:Fan The Flames (2007)|Fan The Flames (2007)]]==
{{Album Art|The Haiku - Fan The Flames.jpg|Fan The Flames}}
# '''[[The Haiku:Drink It Away|Drink It Away]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Nerves On a Pin|Nerves On a Pin]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Blind Man Takes The Gun|Blind Man Takes The Gun]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:The News is: The World Sucks|The News is: The World Sucks]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Which Way To Go|Which Way To Go]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Sleazy Pop Song|Sleazy Pop Song]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Escape - Part 2 (Yours)|Escape - Part 2 (Yours)]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Throwaway|Throwaway]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Little Bird|Little Bird]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Freewheelin|Freewheelin]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Taking Control|Taking Control]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Not Enough People Are Wearing Hats|Not Enough People Are Wearing Hats]]'''

==[[The Haiku:Not Quite The Same (2009)|Not Quite The Same (2009)]]==
{{Album Art|The Haiku - Not Quite The Same.gif|Not Quite The Same}}
# '''[[The Haiku:Amber|Amber]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Your Question Is Important|Your Question Is Important]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Not Too Much To Ask|Not Too Much To Ask]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:It's Alright To Be Shy|It's Alright To Be Shy]]'''

==[[The Haiku:Life After The Bomb (2010)|Life After The Bomb (2010)]]==
{{Album Art|The Haiku - Life After The Bomb.jpg|Life After The Bomb}}
# '''[[The Haiku:Introduction To An Ordinary Man|Introduction To An Ordinary Man]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:So Easy|So Easy]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Grass Is Greener|Grass Is Greener]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Snowball|Snowball]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Time|Time]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Water The Weeds|Water The Weeds]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Descent|Descent]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Life After The Bomb|Life After The Bomb]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Getting To Know You|Getting To Know You]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:Rejoin The Race|Rejoin The Race]]'''
# '''[[The Haiku:There Flickers A Light|There Flickers A Light]]'''

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